Malaysian Plane and Why nobody trust what the US has to say….

Sometimes I think that American seem to have the lowest short memory span than any other country.

“On Feb. 5, 2003, then-Secretary of State General Colin Powell addressed the United Nations Security Council. His message was clear: Iraq possessed extremely dangerous weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein was systematically trying to deceive U.N. inspectors by hiding prohibited weapons.”

Our own Secretary of State, went in front of the United Nations and explain with convincing proof that Sadam Hussein had IRAQ full of WMD (WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION… the explanation and presentation from our own Secretary of State, show photographs of how and where they were produced and how Sadam Managed to keep moving his devil labs around the Country.  So just like the Separatists from Ukraine, can NOT be pointed out or found, because their WMD are MOBILE !!

That happen March 2003, we spend our “credibility cash” and even many said it was impossible, well and everybody knows what happen after.. WAR, we have done so many wrong things : Abu Ghraib, killings of thousands of innocent Iraqis, outrageous spending and money miss-managed, etc.

How can the WORLD trust AMERICA to tell again that “without any doubt these missiles came from a Russian Rocket Launcher”, that has the technology to hit a plane at 30k feet above, etc.

Let’s look into some other reasons why “selling” this argument seems even more difficult than ever.

For the last 6 years, since Obama took office, we increased our “intelligence gathering out and inside the US”, so we have spied and record phone conversations of almost every leader that matters in Europe, and we have gone further, because we had donde this not only for “Security” reasons but for many other than are not so clear as to how they become a security matter.

We have betrayed the confidence of our allies, we have play with the wrong cards, even deception in the international arena, have rules that most not be crossed.

At School when I was at College in Mexico, we went through many analysis on International Diplomacy, one of them always got me very confused… during WWII Mexico had been back-channeling with the Germans, to become part of the “Axle Germany-Japan-Italy” as the piece missing in America (The Continent, not the Country…) the agreements were almost done, Mexico would supply passage, food, supplies, access to OIL to the German Army as they went attacking the US in their Southern border. In Exchange, Mexicans would get back all their lost territory and even more… This is just part of the end of Miguel Aleman and the beginning of Lazaro Cardenas ( the later took advantage of the deal Aleman did with the US to nationalize the OIL to avoid the European companies taking over it).

After a call from the President of the US to the Mexican President and the intervention of the Mexican Head of Bank of America, the Head of the Mexican Government agreed to delayed the agreement with the Germans and studied th proposal from the US to DO NOT INTERVENE actually been supportive, when Mexico announced the Nationalization of the OIL Industry.
Days later, two Mexican tankers were “supposedly” sunk by U-boats: Potrero del Llano by U-564 on 14 May 1942 and Faja de Oro by U-106 (Rasch) on 21 May 1942.
On June 1st, 1942 Mexico declared war on Germany.

I don’t believe in coincidences, too often, too many are always prone to bring suspicions into the actors that “benefit”.

The US needed a reason for the rest of the World to “hate so much Rusia” that they support ANY attack from the US to Russia. ( Not that I support what Russians do, but what I hate is this is being done for the wrong reasons, a well planned scam by our Intelligence community and seconded by our “partners in crime” The British Crown)

Conveniently the Ukrainians, separatists, supported by Rusia, are with NO doubt ( even photos of the launchers are now going around, generously supplied by the US Intelligence services). And here we go with the usual suspects, CNN is making a full piece out of this ( so they don’t have to talk about the hundreds of dead civilians in Gaza or the children from Central America) and so more for the other outlets. A unique detail is the position from Fox News about ARMS and killings, they always sustained that the manufacturer of GUNS is NEVER responsible for the killings (NRA driving the logic)… so how come that does not apply in the case of ROCKETS? Why blame the manufacturer?

If we apply the same discourse they do for Americans owning guns, why not let ALL the countries have ANY kind of weapons they want?

The main reason is that we believe that Nuclear Weapons, or any other similar weaponry in the hands of people that doesn’t have the same values as us, will actually use them.

One small caveat to this line of thinking: WE, the USA, are the only Country that has used a NUCLEAR weapon against a civilian population not once but twice and eliminated TWO cities in an enemy country.